Municipal & County Laws


Glendale:   The city now requires that landlords offer all tenants a one year lease.  

 If there is an increase of rent more than 7%, the tenant is entitled to relocation assistance.  Such assistance varies by number of units.   Please click here for full details


Pasadena:  On July 13, changes to the City’s Tenant Protection Ordinance will go into effect.  The ordinance now requires that:

Relocation assistance must be paid to tenants in good standing displaced by building demolition, permanent removal for the market, occupancy by landlord or family member, a government order to vacate, or an increase in rent of more than 5% plus area CPI in those buildings where a change in ownership as occurred within the past 18 months.

Relocation assistance is required for tenants in good standing who are at or below 140% of median income  and is set at 2.5 times the fair market rent as set by HUD AND moving expenses (currently $1306 for an adult household and $3935 for a household with dependents, disabled or senior tenants.  This amount is subject to annual CPI increases.)

In addition, where tenants are displaced to due to large rent increase (5% plus CPI) within 18 months of change of ownership, tenants of 10 years or more will receive a 10% increase to the base amount for each year of tenancy up to a maximum of 20 years of tenancy.  

County of Los Angeles (unincorporated)

Los Angeles County:   The Board of Supervisors has taken a number of measures lately toward full rent control and other tenant protections in unincorporated areas of LA County.

Rent Moratorium.   Rent increases of more than 3% per year are not allowed.  This is in effect until Dec. 31 or such time as Board of Supervisors enacts a permanent rent control ordinance.

Just Cause Eviction.   Applies to all housing units.

Section 8 Housing Vouchers.  Landlords cannot discriminate against vouchers as a source of income for prospective tenants.   Applies to all housing units, including single family homes and accessory dwelling units.